Restaurant And Party Venue

great food puts you in a great mood!

Country's Most Loved!


Noorjahan Restaurant And Party Venue?

We take a unique approach on recipes from around the world by adding a modern twist but staying true to all the classic flavors you love! We believe great food puts you in a great mood! You can also book for special events. See you soon


Monday - Sunday | 10AM - 10PM


Monday - Sunday | 10AM - 10PM

Our Menu

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

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Double Decker Burger with Cheese

280 BDT


Szechuan Fried Chicken 8 Pcs

380 BDT

Mixed Fried Rice


420 BDT


Beef Sizzling

370 BDT

Beef Pepperoni Pizza

Hot Sauce, Capsicum, Pepareni, Black Olive 12”

580 BDT

Great food puts you in a great mood!

Wednesdays Means

Happy Hours!

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Happy Customers!

such a beautiful place I just love this place And food was amazing

Sabiha Ismail

"very delicious food, service is excellent, decoration is outstanding."

- Syed Mizanur Rahman Dolon

"Aliquip habitant ea suscipit ea varius cras habitasse ligula doloremque"delicious food item, specialy briany item😋 Great food

- Mostary Shahana

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